What is Cheiron School?

The Cheiron School's main aim is to provide useful and basic knowledge as well as perspectives of synchrotron radiation science and technology for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, young scientists and engineers who wish to pursue their career in a field requiring synchrotron radiation and join a synchrotron radiation facility in the Asia Oceania region.

DATE & VENUE for Cheiron School 2014

Date: September 23rd (Tue) - October 2nd (Thu), 2014
VENUE: SPring-8, Hyogo, Japan


MAINTENACE NOTICE: 20/08/2014 (wed) 9:00-10:00 (JST)
Access to the Cheiron School website will be suspended.

IMPORTANT: The requirement of a personal dosimetry from own affiliation applies only to users belonging to organizations in Japan.
Please see the details at the SPring-8 User Information site.

14/08/2014: Deadline for on-line registration of the participants
Refer the email send by the Cheiron School Secretariat.

29/08/2014: Deadline for the SPring-8 User Registration, SPring-8 Radiation Worker Registration, and the submission of your photo
Refer the email send by the Cheiron School Secretariat.
Instruction of Radiation Worker Application form for Cheiron School Participants are available is now on webiste.

31/08/2014: Deadline for the submissionon of self-introduction
Refer the email send by the Cheiron School Secretariat.

Registration - Closed
The qualification requirements of the Cheiron School students are graduate students, young scientists and engineers related to synchrotron facilities in the Asia Oceania region.
If you wish to join the Cheiron School, please obatin a recommendation from the AOFSRR Council or Associate members in your country.






Cheiron School is named for the Centaur “Cheiron”, one of the immortal Greek Gods who received instructions in Music and Medical arts from Apollon and Hunt from Artemis. He was also known as the first among centaurs and highly revered as a teacher and tutor.
His feats included giving instructions in Martial arts to Hercules, Medical arts to Aesculapius, and Equestrian arts to Castor.


健康センターアスカ TOYAMA TSUJICON Melec
Katsuyuki Sakai